Fault performance

Failure analysis



Motor noise increases Loose foot bolt Tightening and checking the foot bolts
Bearing damage Replace bearing
Poor lubrication Lubricating
Device spring failure Replace or lengthen the spring


Motor overheating (over 90℃) High ambient or equipment temperature (over 40℃) Increase heat dissipation and insulation

(1) Adding industrial fan cooling

(2) Open the heat dissipation hole on the protective cover


Motor oil leakage Bearing temperature is too high (85  or Bearing temperature is too high (85℃more)


The motor is not running smoothly and is hot. Bearing lack of oil or damage Add grease or replace bearings in time
Bolt loose, exit and interfere with the eccentric block Retighten the bolt


Over current Mechanical failure; Stop the machine to check the motor idling or vibration machinery;
Improper adjustment; Adjust the excitation force and reduce the current;


The motor can not start normally, the current is large, the cable and motor are hot, and the cable connector is burned. Low grid voltage Increase the voltage or increase the capacitance compensation
The cable diameter is too thin or the electrical specifications are too small, and the wire diameter between the electrical appliances is too thin. For large diameter cables or large size appliances

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