• The vibrating motor of the rotary screen and the vibrating screen must be maintained regularly

    The rotating vibrating screen and vibrating screen are driven by vibrating motor. The outgoing cable of the vibration motor is a fragile part, often because of vibration friction damage, leading to motor phase operation, damage motor. Users should always check the cable status, and tear should b...
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  • Export to India F1000-6-4.7 has left port successfully

    The Indian customer ordered the vibration motor model F1000-6-4.7, and the production cycle was very short. The equipment was successfully shipped out after working overtime. We are glad to see that they can give us a more relaxed production cycle when ordering next time, appreciate it!
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  • Solution of electric leakage of vibration motor housing

    Fault reason: vibration motor power grounding is not good; Solution: check the grounding wire carefully to find out what is not properly grounded and correct it. Fault reason: wrong connection between the vibration motor power cord and the ground wire; Solution: carefully check the power cord a...
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  • Vibration motors are mainly used in the range of mechanical equipment

    Vibration motors are mainly used in the range of mechanical equipment metallurgy industry: Biaxial self-synchronous ellipse(straight line) thick sieve、High-efficiency heavy thermal sieve、Linear cold mine vibration sieve、Round Vibration Sieve、Arthropod cold screen、Warehouse wall vibrator、Re...
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  • Vibration motor common faults and inspection methods

    After starting up, the motor will not start. At this time, we should check whether the power supply is out of phase, or the motor is out of phase, and whether the motor shield is damaged and there is friction eccentric block phenomenon. After starting up, the motor noise is very loud, and also h...
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  • Vibration motor excitation force and power coordination

    The vibration power and power match well, the vibration power is large, the body weight is light, the volume is small, the mechanical noise is low. Because the vibration motor is a strong resistance vibration rather than resonance, so there is a stable amplitude. The vibration frequency of elect...
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  • Reasons for missing phase of vibration motor operation

    Vibration motors are used in many places. Everyone knows about it, but in the process of use, it will smoke. What is the reason?Let’s share it with you today, so you can get to know it better. Vibration motor is missing phase when running, is two-phase or one-phase operation; The power vol...
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  • July 2019,HB240-6 shaft-coupled vibration motors used for vibration grinder to Indian have been shipped.

    July 2019,HB240-6 shaft-coupled vibration motors used for vibration grinder to Indian have been shipped.

    Shaft-coupled vibration motor is a series of two vibrator motors, the middle part is connected by a coupling. As a vibration source of vibration equipment, it has the advantages of reasonable design, simple structure, compact, high excitation efficiency, energy saving, convenient installation and...
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  • Vibration motor general maintenance requirements

    Vibration motor general maintenance requirements

    1. The motor mounting surface of the motor must be processed to ensure a flatness of 0.2mm; 2. The bolt strength of the motor installation is not less than 8.8; 3. The tightening torque of the motor mounting bolt is not lower than the value specified in the manual; 4. always check the fastening s...
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  • Working principle

    Working principle

    the main structure The vibration motor consists of a special motor plus an eccentric block. The vibration motor is energized and rotated to drive the eccentric block at both ends of the motor shaft to rotate, generating centrifugal force (exciting force), which is transmitted to the vibration m...
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  • Vibration Motor Repair Guide

    1.overview  Vibration motor is the heart of vibration equipment. Once damaged, the entire production line will be paralyzed, which will have a major impact on production; vibration motor is different from ordinary motor, her maintenance technical requirements are relatively high, maintenance cost...
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  • HB motor usage characteristics

    long lasting Advanced design techniques, calculation of all parameters and their optimized design are all completed by computer workstations. The precise manufacturing process and strict quality management system ensure that the force of each part of the vibration motor is within the minimum rang...
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