Do you know the details of the vibration motor cable?

Vibration Motor is a power source and vibration source as one of the exciting source, it is installed in the rotor shaft at each end of a group of adjustable eccentric block, using the shaft and Eccentric Block high-speed rotating centrifugal force to obtain exciting force. The vibration motor has the advantages of high efficiency of exciting force, good performance, low noise and long service life. The exciting force of the vibrating motor can be adjusted stepless, so it is convenient to use.

When the vibrating motor is installed and used, it is necessary to pay attention that the outlet cable of the vibrating motor should not be allowed to bend suddenly near the outlet of the cable because it has to bear the vibration. The bending radius should be 8-9 times larger than the outer diameter of the cable, the cable is then attached to a stationary machine or frame. The distance is about 0.6-0.9 meters. In the fixed cable clamp should be cushioned with soft insulation, so as to avoid friction damage to the cable.

In addition, it should be noted that the outgoing cable of the vibration motor is a fragile part, often due to vibration friction damage, leading to motor phase operation, damage to the motor. Users should always check cable status, if there is wear and tear should be timely replacement of the same type of cable.

When the air switch trip frequently in the process of using or debugging, one of them is to check whether the cable is abraded and short-circuit is caused.2.5-2 (7)

Post time: Sep-24-2020