HB motor usage characteristics

long lasting

Advanced design techniques, calculation of all parameters and their optimized design are all completed by computer workstations. The precise manufacturing process and strict quality management system ensure that the force of each part of the vibration motor is within the minimum range. It is the basis for the safe and reliable operation of the vibration motor, which makes the vibration motor have a long service lif

Large starting torque

Special electromagnetic design, special configuration of the vibration motor, rotor, advanced and precise mechanical structure, is the guarantee of the maximum starting torque, and can quickly reach the rated running speed when starting

Safe and reliable to use

The structure of the company’s vibration motor is advanced, and the bearings used are heavy-duty special bearings, which are sufficient to withstand and transmit radial excitation force and axial load. The electromagnetic parameter design is safe and reliable; it can provide users with various quality vibration motors with insulation grades F and H and protection grades of IP55 and IP65.

Adjustable excitation force

The exciting force and working torque of the motor can be easily adjusted from zero to maximum, thereby producing the desired exciting force.

Various places of use

The design of the motor can be adjusted as needed, and can be applied to special environments: workplaces with extremely high or low temperatures, locations with high dust and water resistance requirements, and locations with high altitudes. The design of the vibration motor can be applied to three-phase AC power supplies of various standard voltages and frequencies, such as 220V/380V and 50HZ voltage levels for China and Europe; 230V/460V and 60HZ grades for the United States; 220V, 50/60HZ for Japan. Voltage levels, etc., can be applied all over the world. It can also be applied to various electric braking methods, such as braking and reverse braking.


Post time: Jun-15-2019