Method of making vibrating motor for vibrating screen

Some manufacturers need vibrating screen to complete the screening of materials, sometimes there are technical and technical staff in the factory want to make a small simple vibrating screen, then how to choose the type and power of vibrating motor?
Today, we on the home-made vibrating screen vibration motor selection conditions for the exchange of communication, the purpose is more convenient for users to choose less detours.
Making vibration screen method 1: According to the length, width and height of the equipment and the number of layers for selection, length, width, height and number of layers related to the vibration strength of materials, in general, half a meter wide small screen machine, select the General Motor: 0.25 kw-0.55 kw, more than one meter screen motor power is generally: 0.75 kw-2.2 kw between the consideration.
Making vibration screen method 2: According to the weight of the equipment and its own weight, the weight of the equipment and the weight of the proportion of materials to be used as an important reference value of the vibration source, generally small screen plate thickness in 2.5 mm-5 mm, choose between 0.25 kw-0.55 kw, plate thickness is appropriate to enlarge the vibration force.
Making vibration screen method 3: According to the type selection of the damping spring, the load of the damping spring also directly affects the service life of the vibrating screen motor, the spring is too large, vibration motor vibration can not easily cause motor burn, the spring is too fine shock absorption spring and play the role of shock absorption.
In Short: The vibrating screen seems to be a simple device, among which there is much to pay attention to, from the selection of the power of the vibrating motor, the selection of the thickness of the plate of the equipment, the configuration of the damping spring, the installation position of the motor drive, the design of the screen structure, etc. , will affect the life of the screen machine and the use of the effect of home-made vibrating screen when the parameter calculation is still necessary.

Post time: Mar-25-2021