Solution of electric leakage of vibration motor housing

  1. Fault reason: vibration motor power grounding is not good;

    Solution: check the grounding wire carefully to find out what is not

    properly grounded and correct it.

  2. Fault reason: wrong connection between the vibration motor power cord and the ground wire;

    Solution: carefully check the power cord and ground wire, find out the errors and correct them.

  3. Fault reason: the insulation of the lead wire of vibration motor is aged and broken;

    Solution: replace the lead directly or rewrap the lead with an insulating tape.

  4. Fault reason: the top cover of the winding end of the vibration motor is grounded;

    Solution: remove the end cover and find the connection point. Wrap insulation and paint the connection point around the ring. Use insulating paper to cushion the inner wall of the end cover.

  5. Fault reason: vibration motor winding damp or insulation aging damage;

    Solution: dry the vibration motor affected by damp, and update the aged and damaged insulation in time.

  6. Fault reason: serious dirt on vibration motor terminal board;

    Solution: replace or clean the terminal blocks.

    Generally speaking, the causes of live leakage of vibration motor housing have been all included, and the corresponding solutions have been listed, hoping to help customers in need.

Post time: Nov-12-2019