Vibration motor general maintenance requirements

1. The motor mounting surface of the motor must be processed to ensure a flatness of 0.2mm;

2. The bolt strength of the motor installation is not less than 8.8;

3. The tightening torque of the motor mounting bolt is not lower than the value specified in the manual;

4. always check the fastening situation to prevent loose bolts;

5. The motor has a grounding mark on the ground wire. Be sure to connect the ground wire after installation;

6. 5KN or more motors have oil-filled oil cups, please follow the instructions on the instructions to regularly and quantitatively add Shell No. 3 lithium-based grease;

7. should always check the motor running current and temperature, found abnormal abnormal shutdown immediately, especially bearing lubrication, and bearing wear;

8. The motor should be replaced in time when the motor is working for one year;

9. For the high ambient temperature, especially the large-size motor to the summer, the fan with a diameter of 600mm is used to cool the motor to ensure the life of the motor;

10. The connecting cable should have a curvature of R400-500 to prevent the cable from being worn out or pulled out of the sleeve to cause short circuit and lack of equal fault; after repair, ensure that the cable is tightly pressed;

11. During the use of the motor, it should be protected from rain and water to prevent leakage;

12. The motor above 30KN has a set of V-shaped rubber dust-proof retaining ring between the bearing seat and the eccentric block, so it must not be missing;

13. all specifications of the vibration motor must be equipped with a protective cover to operate;

14. The stable running current of all motors should not exceed the brand rated value. If it exceeds, the small exciting force should be adjusted to reduce the current to the range of use.


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