Vibration Motor should be cleaned and oiled after 2000 hours of use

The bearings are cleaned in two ways:
1, hot oil cleaning method, due to long use, soft dry oil or anti-rust paste hardened bearings, should be immersed in 100 ~ 200 °C of heat engine oil, with pliers to clamp the bearings, with a brush to clean the oil on the bearings. Soft dry oil or antirust paste is heated to 100 ° 200 °C to melt, easy to wash out from the bearing cracks. Sometimes it’s just a matter of shaking the bearings in the oil a few times. And the oil will flow through the cracks. When cleaning old motor or imported motor radial spherical bearings, the ball, ball holder and inner ring should be transversely turned out from the outer ring and then dipped into hot oil, short cylindrical roller bearing cleaning should also be the roller, beading, Inner Ring and outer ring off. When cleaning hot oil, the temperature of the oil should not exceed 20 °C.
2. For general cleaning, soak the bearing in kerosene for 5 to 10 minutes, holding the inner ring in one hand and rotating the outer ring with the other, the dry oil or antirust will fall off the bearing. Then put the bearings into a cleaner kerosene, with a fine brush soft brush, ball and crevice in the oil wash, and then put in gasoline cleaning 1, take out and put on clean paper. When cleaning radial spherical ball bearings and short cylindrical roller bearings, the ball, ball holder, inner ring and outer ring should be separated and cleaned. The cleaning of bearings mounted on shafts mainly depends on the method of spraying oil or oil gun. The oil stains that are easy to be cleaned are first washed with kerosene and then with gasoline; the oil stains that are difficult to be cleaned are first washed or sprayed with heat engine oil of 100-200 °c, and then wash it with gasoline. Must pay attention not to use sharp tools to scratch the bearing on the hard grease or rust, so as not to damage the bearing roller and groove ring parts of the smoothness, clean vibration motor bearings with a clean cloth.

Post time: Apr-15-2021