Vibration motors are mainly used in the range of mechanical equipment

Vibration motors are mainly used in the range of mechanical equipment

metallurgy industry:

Biaxial self-synchronous ellipse(straight line) thick sieve、High-efficiency heavy thermal sieve、Linear cold mine vibration sieve、Round Vibration Sieve、Arthropod cold screen、Warehouse wall vibrator、Reciprocating vibration feeder、Motor Vibration Feed Machine、Heavy duty disc feeder

Mine industry:

Banana linear vibrating screen、Large round vibrating screen、Rod bar vibration feeding machine、Vibration mining machine、Reciprocating feeder (coal feeder)、Powder sieve、Motor Vibration Feed Machine、disk feeder

mining industry:

Double-axis self-synchronous equal thickness vibration sieve、Banana linear vibrating screen、Arthropod dehydration desilter、Coal sieve、vibrating-dewatering screen、Reversible arc screen、vibrating coal feeder、Vibration mining machine、Warehouse wall vibrator、disk feeder、vibrator feeder

casting industry:

shakeout machine、Vibrate, shatter and revive、Three-dimensional modeling platform、vibrating conveyer、Vibration feeder、sand aerator

light industry :

Linear screen、Rotary sieve、Straight sieve、high frequency screen、rocking sieve、 dewatering screen、test sieve、fluidized bed、vibrating feeder 、 conveyor、elevator、filter separator、swing table、Warehouse wall vibrator

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