Vibration motors are to be used in a strict manner

Vibration Motor use we also need to be in accordance with the strict operation mode, not in accordance with the strict operation mode will also lead to reduce the life of vibration motor.

    The outlet cable of the vibration motor bears the vibration, so the cable with greater elasticity should be chosen as the lead wire of the motor. In general, the lead wire of the motor is easy to be broken or damaged by abrasion at the outlet root of the motor. When this kind of fault occurs, the motor should be opened, heavy-duty bearings should be used in the bearings of v Vibration Motor, which can bear certain axial load. No matter how the direction of installation is, the bearing life is not affected by the axial load.

    The position of the eccentric block and the percentage of the exciting force should be recorded when the bearing is disassembled. After the replacement of the bearing, the rotating shaft of the motor should have certain axial series movement. The protective cover of the eccentric block should be well sealed to prevent dust from entering the interior, and the vibration of the motor affects the operation of the motor.

    In a word, the vibration motor is destructive to the equipment. When the vibration motor is used incorrectly, not only the life of the motor itself is shortened, but also the vibration motor is vulnerable to damage, it also causes great damage to the mechanical equipment being dragged, so when using the vibration motor, it must be used strictly according to the operating instructions of the vibration motor, increase the number and strength of inspection, and deal with the hidden trouble in time after finding it, you can’t keep running with a disease. Reasonable use, frequently recognized the role of vibration motor, vibration motor can extend the service life.d1860be22884e0d64cd8953ce5bc8e5

Post time: Sep-29-2020