Problems needing attention in construction and installation of vibration conveyor

Vibration conveyor is a kind of continuous conveyor without traction components. It uses the principle of mechanical resonance to transport materials. Vibration conveyor is mainly composed of load-bearing components, elastic components and vibration exciter. The driving mechanism power source of the vibrator foot vibrating conveyor is used to generate the exciting force and make the load-bearing groove produce the continuous vibration. The magnitude of the exciting force directly affects the amplitude of the load, and its alternating frequency is the working frequency of the conveyor. The carrier is a trough-shaped or pipe-shaped vibrating material trough. During the vibrating process, the energy is transferred to the material and the material is continuously thrown along the conveying direction. The supporting body is a parametric vibration mass body, which must have enough stiffness and strength. The vibration damping support device is not only the support device of the whole machine, but also used for vibration damping.

So in the vibration conveyor construction and installation process should pay attention to what? Details as follows:
1, transport process should be handled gently to avoid deformation of components; 2, test process problems found, should stop processing;
3, support welding should pay attention to the welding sequence, reduce welding deformation;
4, the bonding work should be carried out in a well-ventilated place;
5, the belt cutting tool should have depth control card;
6, the Prohibition of Open Fire;
7, the environment should be dustproof.
In the vibration conveyor, the inertia vibration conveyor is driven by inertia vibration exciter or vibration motor, which makes use of the inertia force produced when the eccentric block rotates? As a source of excitation. Inertial vibration exciter is widely used because of its simple structure, large excitation force and compact size. The inertia vibrating hot material conveyor has the advantages of stable operation, simple structure, convenient feeding and discharging.

Post time: Jan-22-2021