Temperature rise grade of vibration motor and the cause of excessive temperature rise

The vibration motor is often accompanied with a high temperature rise in the fault, which is also one aspect of the detection of vibration motor fault, we introduce the vibration motor temperature rise level and the corresponding normal maximum temperature, and the cause of the above-normal temperature rise.
The heating change of vibration motor is described by temperature rise instead of temperature. When the temperature rise of vibration motor suddenly rises or exceeds the maximum working temperature, it shows that there is a fault and should be eliminated in time. The insulating materials are divided into seven kinds of insulating grade according to the heat resistance degree: Y, A, E, B, F, H, C. The corresponding highest working temperature is above 90,105,120,130,155,180,180. If the vibration motor in the long-term over its insulation level of high-temperature environment work, insulation will accelerate aging, shorten the service life.
The factors that cause the temperature rise of vibration motor are mainly as follows:
1. Circuit: Low Voltage, single-phase operation, short circuit between phases, loose cable joint or insufficient wire diameter.
2, mechanical: Bearing oil shortage or damage, motor sweeping hall, fastening bolts loose, foreign body friction.
Also note that the motor bearing factory are filled with Shell 3 Lithium Grease (high temperature 120 degrees) , users must not add new oil less than this label, otherwise it is easy to cause too high temperature.

Post time: Jan-30-2021